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About us











Our Company has been operating on the Bank-related IT industry since July 1994, when 50% of it belonged to the German company ISH Electronic Srl. At that time, our main activity was brokerage of bank electronic devices, then sold on international markets.

In 1996 the original founders decided to buy out the foreign shares and our company became 100% Italian. The name was changed to I.S.H. which stands for Italian Service House Srl. The name is related to the specialization our company has achieved as a Service Provider for the installation and assistance of Multivendor HW and SW. This is actually one of our main activity: dealing with more than 4500 computers for a major Italian Bank.

Thanks to our ability to constantly improve our services, we have been able to identify new niches within the market.

With the introduction of the European Monetary Union, ATM machines needed to be modified and adapted to the new currency. Our Company worked on behalf of some of the most important Italian Banks on the changes of ATMs from Italian Lira to the new Euro .

Having achieved a deep knowledge of the ATM technology, both original constructors and major banks within our region have been requesting our services for the maintenance of their devices ever since.

Moreover, we have been developing our skills not only on the maintenance side, but also on the fixing and testing process of faulty and broken ATM modules, activity that has been carried out into our laboratories.

Finally, starting from the past couple of years we have been providing our clients with a "turnkey" replacement service for ATMs, throughout the country.


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